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Caiti’s Story

“ [Caiti] was tired…but her trip [to Envita Medical Center] made her have a different frame of mind. She came back and saw results.”
-Brian Brown, Caiti Brown’s father, Toms River, NJ

As reported by the North South Brunswick Sentinel and Asbury Park Press:

On July 5, 2004, the Brown family received a call no one wants. The bruises and bumps on Caiti’s leg were more than just the typical injuries 14 year olds pick up. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, the most common type of malignant bone cancer.

Fighting with everything she had, Caiti endured the painful process of having some of her leg bones replaced with metal rods. Just when things started to go smoothly, the summer of 2006 brought a relapse of cancer in her lungs. Two more major surgeries took place to remove a lobe in her left lung and disease from her right lung. Despite all the modern medicine and chemotherapy, Caiti just did not respond to conventional treatments. Caiti’s father, Brian Brown, said that, “After this point, the doctors said to give her a quality life. There was nothing more they thought they could do.”

Instead of quitting her fight, 17-year-old Caiti and her family have decided to take a leap of faith. Caiti will now continue her treatment at Envita Medical Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here they use natural medicines in conjunction with chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the Brown’s insurance plan does not cover this treatment and they will have to pay for Caiti’s treatment out-of-pocket.

The Brown family remains hopeful and inspired. Caiti’s first round of treatment in February proved successful and the tumor started shrinking. For now, Brian feels grateful for the support and friendship his community has shown. Caiti’s struggle has been long, but her new treatment has given her the ability to continue fighting.

The Goal: $100,000 for the bills incurred at the Envita Medical Center

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Caiti Brown Trip for Life
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Reported by Shanna Yehlen