About The Project

Project: AngelMom turns “the news” into Good News! by giving direct-donation information for the real families behind the most heartbreaking news headlines.

It’s micro-philanthropy: Person-to-person giving.

From one family to another.

And 100% of all donations go directly to the family in need.

Together, even small contributions can make a huge difference.

One story, one family, one miracle at a time.

A Letter From Sabrina Weill, Founder of Project: AngelMom

Hello and welcome! As a former magazine editor–I was editor-in-chief of Seventeen and have worked at CosmoGIRL, Redbook, and Scholastic–I’ve worked on many stories about families battling difficult odds, and have often wondered what more I could do.

Then one day I saw a news show about parents who put their children through college by recycling over 8 million cans. I hurried to my computer, checkbook open…. and couldn’t figure out how to send the family a check. When I mentioned this experience to a friend, she told me she’d done the exact same thing.

It made me think about all the stories that have inspired me to turn my wallet inside out…And so the idea for ProjectAngelMom.com was born, to connect moms-in-deed with families-in-need. Because behind headlines like “Woman Suffers From…” or “One Family’s Tragic Story…” are real people who need their own little (sometimes big) miracle.

And so the idea for ProjectAngelMom.com was born, to connect moms-in-deed directly with families-in-need. I hope you’ll sign up for our free newsletter, and look for the ProjectAngelMom.com link in your news programs, magazines, newspapers, and websites. So, thanks, Angel!

Sabrina Weill

Wing Someone A Miracle Today!