Sandra’s Story

“I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself.”
– Sandra Cucchiella, 58, Baltimore, MD

As The Examiner has reported…

Sandra Cucchiella, mom of DJ Mickey Cucchiella of Baltimore’s 98 Rock radio station, has had more than her share of life-threatening illnesses. In the 1980’s, she battled three bouts with Hodgkin’s Disease (cancer of the lymph tissue), which led to the removal of her spleen. In May 2005, Sandra contracted bacterial pneumonia. Without a spleen, her body could not fight the infection and she lost blood flow to her extremities. Sandra’s ten fingers and both feet were later amputated. Then last December, she suffered a massive heart attack and underwent cardiac surgery. Her medical insurance is limited, and, at 58, she is too young for Medicare.

DJ Mickey says that their family is “financially burdened and emotionally drained” by his mother’s ordeal. Yet, despite such adversity, Sandra remains positive and resilient. “Without hands, she has somehow figured out how to use the remote, put on her makeup, and brush her teeth,” says Mickey. Sandra hopes to eventually walk with the aid of prostheses and even travel. “I’m not paralyzed,” she says. “I still do a lot, and I look forward to doing even more.”

The Goal: $50,000 for present and future medical expenses not covered by insurance

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Reported by Fredricka R. Maister