Latrice’s Story

“My granddaughter will know that her mom is in heaven, looking down on her.”
– Deborah Parker, 48, Chandler, Arizona

As the East Valley Tribune and The Palm Beach Post have reported…
LatriceAt barely nine months old, Latrice lost her mom when she was accidentally caught in the crossfire between two rival gangs. Like most new moms, Lindsay Key, 19, rarely saw her friends but in December she went to a party, where shots were fired. The aspiring elementary school teacher was studying child development at her local community college in Chandler, Arizona. “She loved kids,” says Lindsay’s mom, Deborah Parker, who recalls her daughter reading to her baby before she went to work as a part-time waitress at a Mexican restaurant. Lindsay’s father, a West Palm Beach, Florida Police Sargeant, says Latrice has his lost daughter’s smile. Today, one year-old Latrice is walking, talking, and “strong-willed just like Lindsay,” says Ms. Parker, who is not working so she can care for Latrice full time and is in the process of adopting her–a costly process–so she can raise her with the help of her husband and two teenage sons. “Lindsay was working hard to make a good life for Latrice–studying, working, and being a good mom, but she was at the wrong place at the wrong time,” says Ms. Parker, who adds that she’s starting a college fund to fulfill Lindsay’s wish of sending Latrice to college. “Latrice was Lindsay’s world, and Lindsay would do anything for Latrice.”

The Goal: $10,000 to complete adoption procedures, and to start a college fund for Latrice

Read more about Lindsay: The Palm Beach Post, East Valley Tribune

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Reported by Lixandra Urresta